Pivot Tables

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Pivot Tables

Pivot tables can be created via the Page Elements section of your workbook’s editor panel or directly from an existing data element.

NOTE: Pivot table data will not display on the page canvas until at least one plot field is defined. To create a Pivot Table:

Add columns to open fields using either the field’s + menu or dragging and dropping the column.

Pivot Table Formatting Options

To begin editing an element’s format options:

  1. In the element’s editor panel, click the paintbrush button.
  2. Click a format category to view and edit its settings.

The following format categories are available for pivot tables:

  • Background
  • Title
  • Grid (show row grid, show column grid

Column Formatting Options

The following column formatting options are available:

  • Alignment
  • Font color
  • Background color
  • Conditional formatting

How to apply Basic Visual Column Formatting:

  1. Select the column you want to format.
  2. Click the paint bucket button in the workbook toolbar.
  3. Select your formatting options.

How to apply Conditional Formatting:

Select the Element.

  1. Click the Paintbrush in the workbook sidebar.
  2. Click Conditional Formatting.
  3. Click the + (plus sign) and Add rule.
  4. Customize the rule and/or add additional rules.